31 Sketch Days of Halloween. Day One…

I know. I know. I already posted today’s Daily Sketch. True, but this is the beginning of something new here at the Daily Sketch. Some of you know, some of you don’t, but October is my favorite time of year. Why? You ask. Simple.


I love Halloween. I love the imagery of it all. And, being a big fan of horror films (though a good one nowadays is hard to come by. Check out “the Last Exoricism” if you get the chance), I love when Halloween rolls around. All the networks put on their Halloween shows, horror films rule the airwaves on TMC and AMC. And, of course, the day itself. Full of costumes, horrific make up and fun-filled scares. It makes me feel good.

And, it seems, that when ever Halloween comes around my artistic (read as twisted) mind floats over to the dark side. No, not the Jedi/Sith sort of dark side; the Thad Beaumont sort of dark side (props to the ‘fraidy cat that gets that reference). While in that darkening mind set, I generally want to draw spooky stuff and so I give you the 31 Sketch Days of Halloween.

To start things off (and since it is still TV Investigators week) I decided to go once again with that super sleuth of the supernatural: Carl Kolchak.

Day One

For those of you who were looking forward to Sport Movie Week (Sorry Z- But Sly, to my knowledge, has never done a horror flick. And no Rocky 5 or Stop or My Mom Will Shoot don’t count) keep tuning in, I’ll hit that subject in November.


the Kidd


About Krayola Kidd

Creator, Illustrator and Colorist. Proud Uncle of many nieces and two nephews. And I am one of the founders of Retro Cowboy Productions.
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