Daily Sketch- 01.19.2012

Howdy folks,

It’s Thursday and time for today’s Daily Sketch. Star Trek month is rolling on and moving out. Aliens continues this week, leading to the finale on the 31st. So be cool and keep it here. And do forget to vote for next month’s theme- VOTE HERE

The M-113 Creature or as we lovingly call it- the Salt Monster. This ancient and now extinct creature had brownish green skin. The face had a series of sagging folds that, together with the cast of the yellowish eyes, gave it a saddened appearance. The mouth was a kind of inverted snout, within which were several extremely sharp teeth. The body was covered with string-like, whitish hair. This creature also wore a brown, net-like garment and had the proportions of a typical humanoid with two arms and two legs, each hand having three thick fingers. Oh and it lives by feeding on salt or salty things, like the crew of the Enterprise.

The M-113 Creature or the Salt Monster. Take your pick.

Trivia on this one- hmmm…. Okay, the creature appeared in the episode “The Man Trap” in season 1 of Star Trek. It was, in fact, the first episode of the series to air on TV. The creature had shape changing abilities and took the form of Doctor McCoy, Crewman Green, some random science/medical officer and Professor Nancy Carter (as both a blonde and a brunette). Wired magazine ranked the Salt Monster as one of the ten cheesiest Star Trek creatures of all time. The stuffed carcass of the creature shows up again in episode 18 of season 1- “The Squire of Gothos”

Tomorrow folks,

the Kidd


About Krayola Kidd

Creator, Illustrator and Colorist. Proud Uncle of many nieces and two nephews. And I am one of the founders of Retro Cowboy Productions.
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