Daily Sketch- 06.06.2012

Hello. It’s 6:02 in the PM. I’m your host the Krayola Kidd and your looking at the Daily Sketch.

Now some of you might have been wondering what the ol’ Kidd has been up to. The short answer is work. The long answer is a lot of work. No, I still can’t show any of the Walking Dead cards. Nor can I share any cards from another project I am currently working on.

So I will share with you a story- I was at the office talking with Will and he mentioned something about a Chrono Dot. Now a Chrono Dot is a Real Time Clock module for projects requiring highly accurate time keeping and measurement. It’s used on computers and junk.

But the name Chrono Dot got my gears turning and thought this sounds like something Jack Kirby would come up with. Now I am not Jack Kirby, but I decided to take my idea to paper and design the Chrono Dot.

The Chrono Dot

Near the end of World War II, Hitler was desperately looking for any chance to turn the tide of the war. That chance came in the form of the Chrono Dot. Created through a still unknown melding of science and black magic, Dr. Verner Kortig created the Chrono Dot to be the Third Reich’s ultimate weapon against the allies. Forged in the fire pits of the Devil’s Cauldron, the Eitridium shell holds the Cornea of Chronos- a lens capable of seeing all time, past, present and future. Believed to be the real cornea from the the right eye of the of god Chronos, in an arcane ritual Dr. Kortig shrank the god’s cornea and fused to the Eitridium shell. Then with a science unknown at the time, Dr. Kortig created a series of miniature self-stabilizing and self-repairing circuits powered by eldritch energy, that gives control of the Chrono Dot to whom holds it. With this Hitler could have controlled the outcome of the war and truly conquered the world.

However, Hitler was to never received his ultimate weapon. The allied group known as the Alliance, led by the Minuteman, stormed the scientist’s stronghold at the Devil’s Cauldron and to capture the mad scientist, but not before Dr. Kortig threw the Chrono Dot deep into the fire pits of the mountain. The resulting explosion rocked the small island of the Devil’s Cauldron, killing Dr. Kortig and his crew, as well as two members of the Alliance, Morning Glory and the Lion. The full powers of the Chrono Dot died with Dr Kortig and the device itself was never recovered. Or so it is believe.

Many rumors of the Chrono Dot have surfaced over the years, but none have ever been confirmed. It is currently believed that the Chrono Dot is in the possession of Lord Valdimr Mataciune of Walachia, the CEO of D.R.A.C., the world’s leading arms manufacturer.

It is now 6:19 in the PM and this has been the Daily Sketch. I’m your host the Krayola Kidd saying Good night and God Bless.


About Krayola Kidd

Creator, Illustrator and Colorist. Proud Uncle of many nieces and two nephews. And I am one of the founders of Retro Cowboy Productions.
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2 Responses to Daily Sketch- 06.06.2012

  1. macegr says:

    I’m not a mad scientist, more of a grumpy engineer. The ChronoDot was actually forged in the fires of Eagle CAD, using mysterious keyboard shortcuts and mouse clicks, from a comfy chair. Here’s the real thing: http://macetech.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=8

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