Daily Sketch: 06.25.2012

Hey howdy, folks!

I am back for my small vacation to Charlotte, NC for Heroes Convention. I had a great time, walking around the convention floor, seeing my convention buddies and having a generally easy going weekend. I have some pictures from the show that I’ll post up later, mainly of my buddy Garry’s kids with folks dressed up as super heroes and the like. There were some pretty darn good costumes.

I did a little bit of work, but not enough to make the weekend not fun. I think maybe next year I’ll see about getting some table space and setting up shop. Maybe. Got to hang and talk to a lot of my buddies I don’t see, except at conventions. Finally handed by buddy Zablo (link) his Get Carter commission (I’ll be posting that a little later for you all to see) and the guys at Tsumani Studios (check them out here and check Kelly’s new online book Monsther here). I also got to meet and hang out with a couple of fellas who came up wit a great book called Pinnochio Vampire Slayer (check it out here) and the guys from Kaiser Studio (here), Bryan and Elvin are a great couple of guys and they do some pretty good work. Bryan has a pretty neat card game that looks to be released soon called Dark Legacy (check it out here).

But enough of all of that. On to the art, right?

So I now have the go ahead to show the sketch cards I did for Cryptozoic Entertainment’s The Walking Dead :The Comic Book trading card set. I produced 30 one of a kind original pieces of art that will be randomly inserted into packs of the set (roughly one sketch card per 24 packs of cards or one sketch card per box). So here are some of the cards…

Going for the top- First is my buddy Garry’s kids all zomibied starting with Wesley, then Rachel and last, Evan. On the bottom- first is my sister, Christine (I’m not sure if this is really zombified or just before coffee) and next is a little something for my buddy Matt. No, it not Matt, but there is a little something in the picture just for him.

Hope you enjoy,

the Kidd.


About Krayola Kidd

Creator, Illustrator and Colorist. Proud Uncle of many nieces and two nephews. And I am one of the founders of Retro Cowboy Productions.
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