Daily Sketch: 10.05.2013

Are you getting scared yet? No. Good, that means we can continue our walk through 31 Days of Halloween.

And, we continue with more inspirations from Tobe Hooper’s Salem’s Lot. Now I know a lot of you have been thinking- Come Kidd, these have been cool pictures and all, but what about the bad guys, the monsters… the horror? Well, you have waited long enough. It is time to bring on the bad guys.

First up to bat, is Barlow’s right hand and ghoul, Mr. Richard Straker. Portrayed by the oddly very creepy James Mason. Don’t believe me, check out this link. He is different from the Straker in the novel, but at the same time right for the role. A proper gentlemen, that seems just a bit odd.

Once again, the likeness isn’t dead on with this one. Honestly he looks more like a ticked off Captain Kangaroo than Mason, but still I like it.

“The master wants you. Throw away your cross, face the master. Your faith against his faith… Could you do that? Is your faith enough?… Then do it… Throw away the cross. Face the master. Faith against faith.”

Scare ya’ later.

the Kidd


About Krayola Kidd

Creator, Illustrator and Colorist. Proud Uncle of many nieces and two nephews. And I am one of the founders of Retro Cowboy Productions.
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