About The Daily Sketch

Hi everyone.

protrait_kkidd_color_icon_07132016And welcome to my little experiment, called the Daily Sketch. It started out like this. I was sitting in my office one day thinking about work. I know shocker, I was at work and thinking about work. Anyway, the problem that sat before me was a simple one, but I just couldn’t wrap my head around. I thought and thought and thought some more and it just wasn’t clicking.

So what did I do next, well I decided to not think about it and do something else. That something else was taking out my good ole Moleskine Sketch book and drawing something. Anything, it did not matter, I just needed to draw.

And that is just what I did and for the next few minutes (read as about 60 minutes) that is all I did. Draw.

Did sitting at my desk drawing for sixty minutes help me with the issue I was faced with at work? Nope. So, when I put down my pencil and packed away the Moleskine, I was still faced with same problem and it still took two hours of phone calls to get the problem fixed, but heck I felt better.

That simple time spent sketching was just what my brain needed. As such, I came up with the Daily Sketch. Everyday I will draw, paint, Photoshop something and post it up here. Some will be more finished. Some, not so much. But they should all be fun.

Thanks for stopping by,

Mike “the Krayola Kidd”