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Daily Sketch- 06.27.2011

Howdy, kids! How has your summer been so far?. Here at the corral things have been both hot and jumping. By hot I mean hot, I think we are on our 39th or 40th day of 90+ temperatures here in … Continue reading

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Daily Sketch 09.23.2010

For today, some prelim sketches of our hero Max Fortune from Fortune & Glory. Max is strongly based on Mr. Errol Flynn, so if he looks a bit familiar… well, you must like old movies. Later, the Kidd. And tomorrow … Continue reading

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Daily Sketch 09.22.2010

Here is the WIP (that is art slang for Work In Progress) of Glory and Goldie from Fortune & Glory. Yup, Goldie is the plane. Her full name is Glory’s Gold, but we affectionately call her Goldie. She is a … Continue reading

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